Saturday, December 13, 2014

E-Cig Facts

  More and more we are hearing about the dangers of E-Cigs.  Having the same chemical compounds as anti-freeze, or that the artificial sweetener/sugar turns into formaldehyde in your stomach, don't forget that the batteries can explode!  So what we are going to do is take a step back, and review just a few things to keep this nice and short.

1.  Exploding Batteries
Much like ANY and ALL batteries, they can explode.  Over working the battery, leaving it sitting directly in the sun for too long, leaving it on the charger over night in your hot vehicle, and many other ways.  Reports have shown that these batteries have exploded.  Much like your cell phone, your TV Remote, your vehicle, your razor, your game controller, your laptop, your wireless mouse and keyboard, and so on.  Here is something fun, your laptop uses the SAME batteries as a Mech-Mod, Dripper, Box Mod, and so on does (18650)!  Crazy isn't it! Yet, you had no idea.  Be responsible and use your devices like you're supposed to, and you shouldn't have anything to worry about.

2. Propylene Glycol
The deadly chemical found in Anti-Freeze!  Wrong, it is an organic chemical compound that is used in some Anti-Freeze brands. Much like it's used in;  Fireball Cinnamon Whiskey, Flavored Iced Teas, Ice Cream, Packaged Frosting, Boxed Cake Mix, Commercial Food Coloring, Salad Dressings, Beer, Package Baked Goods, Margarine, Soda, Icing, Sauces, Whipped Dairy Products, Coffee, and so on.  So, please do tell us, where is the difference.  You have been ingesting this organic chemical compound for so long now, you can't even imagine it. But why?  Because the FDA has ruled PG to be safe within regulated control.  Why? Because it is completely safe.

3.  Vegetable Glycerin
A simple plant oil extract.  What has VG in it?  Well, here's a list of a few things;  Chocolate Milk, yogurt drinks, cocoa and eggnog, sports drinks, alcoholic beverages like beer, wine, and distilled spirits.  Condensed milk, clotted cream, milk powder, cheeses, puddings, yogurts, and dairy spreads. Marshmallows and even soft candies such as candy bars, taffy, gum, and many sugar free candies.  Mustard, vinegar, and processed foods such as processed meats, poultry, and game products.  Even dried fruits, cereals, pastas, batters, and starch based desserts.  Even your safest of natural foods like soups and broths, soybean-based products, fat based desserts, dried vegetables, mushrooms, seaweed, sausage casings, yeast and yeast products, and diabetic foods. The list is ENDLESS, so please, pay attention to what you are eating and drinking, before claiming these E-Cigs are the hype of a new end to man kind.

4.  Formaldehyde Ingestion
Another GREAT attack people are using is the fact that many artificial sweeteners turn into formaldehyde when INGESTED.  The only issue with this is that more than 90% of your vapor is actually inhaled, not swallowed like your propylene based candy bar that's made with that wonderful Vegetable Glycerin and Artificial Sweetener.  It goes into your lungs and leaves your lungs.  If you are swallowing the vapor, please stop vaping and see a doctor as soon as possible.  Did you know you can find companies that do NOT use these artificial sweeteners that do turn into Formaldehyde.  Crazy isn't it!  But it is true, you don't have to settle with after death preparations, nor deal with real sugar, you can vape the way you want!

5.  EXTRA:
Lately we have been reading people saying that people are getting pneumonia from vaping.  What is pneumonia?   Pneumonia is an infection in the lungs.  It can affect one lobe, one lung, or both lungs.  All depending on the severity of the infection.  The infection can be caused by germs of many types. The inflammation is usually by a bacterial infection, but can also be caused by a parasite, virus, or fungus.  Cigarette smokers, the elderly, alcoholics, those with compromised immune systems, and those who have the flew are more likely to get the infection than non-smokers.  There are currently more than 3 million cases per year!  Spread by airborne respiratory droplets (a sneeze or a cough).

"Many different kinds of germs infect the lungs and cause pneumonia. Infected lungs leak fluids and shed dead cells. This material clogs up air sacs and makes it hard for the lungs to do their job of getting oxygen into the blood. Without enough oxygen, none of the cells in your body work as they should."  <<< Directly from WebMD

6.  Fluid in Lungs
We have also been hearing loads about people supposedly drowning while vaping.  Or that the moisture is causing massive illnesses and weakness.  It's causing people to get sick.  Much like when you walk through a thick foggy night, or sit in the sauna, what about when you take a really hot shower?  PLEASE, think before you speak.  Research, research, research.  Don't trust ONE source and that source only.  Facebook is not the BEST for answer, and neither is wikipedia.  YES, we are on facebook too, that is where most of our information is located.  But we also provide you links to loads of other locations that have a strong reputation and great credibility!

It's too easy in this day and age to find the proper information.  So why are you still following the lies and tricks so blindly?  Research, ask a around, speak with professionals, do anything other than believing what may sound scary to you.

We hope this has helped you!


Saturday, August 23, 2014

Americas Police

     It's all the rage these days.  Social Media sites are becoming more and more flooded with videos of Police Brutality.  So lets break this down for a moment and discuss the subject at hand...

    When you claim to hate an entire race because of the action of some, it's called Racism.  When you hate a gender because of the action of some, it's called Sexism. When you hate someone because of their Religion, it's known as being Prejudice/Bias, same if you were to hate someone based off their Sexuality. There are many forms of hate.  It's also one of the best ways to bring in some of the highest ratings via Social Media.

     When you stand there and you scream "F**K THE POLICE!"  You're now no better than any of the other hateful people listed.  You're no better than a Racist.  You're no better than a Sexist.  You're no better than someone who is Prejudice/Bias.  Think about that.  You're hating an entire group, an entire label all based off of actions from others.  Would you want to walk the street every day hearing and seeing all this negativity about you and what you do, because someone with the same colored skin, career title, religious views, sexual preference, or anything else has acted in a way that's not acceptable?  No?  Then why should the men and women of the law have to deal with you doing that to them?

     Currently, the biggest subject with Police Brutality is White American Police Officers harming or killing Black American Citizens.  Why?  Ratings, rage, coverage, and so much more.  Now, has anyone noticed the SAME coverage for ALL other races?  What about Hispanics and the crime done against them through Police Brutality? What about Caucasian, Asian, or others?  Because it's ratings are LESS.

     Now, this blog is *NOT* about what some people have done under the title of Law Enforcement.  This blog is to point out that all while you are discriminating the Police, they are putting their lives on the line to protect yours.  When your family is in trouble, you call the Police.  When you've witnessed crime and someone is seriously hurt, you call the Police.  When there is a riot, and you're home is in the path of their destruction, guess who puts their lives on the line to save you, your property, and your FAMILY.  The POLICE.  Don't get it wrong, there are definitely some police who absolutely do *NOT* need to be on the force.  But it is impossible to filter every single corrupted mind out.

     So while you are acting out, rioting, hating, discriminating, and causing more problems than you're actually solving, please keep in mind, the Police are not the problem.  You are. 

     Instead of only fussing about the negative incidents, try taking a step back, and looking at the good in things.  Thank the ones who are good, who are doing what they can to make a difference.  The ones that are putting their lives on the line for all the right reasons.  They wake up every day ready to act any minute to save your life, doing all they can to ignore all your cruel comments because an Officer across the Country did something wrong.  We will *NEVER* be able to prevent crooked cops from existing, but we can be appreciative of the good guys. 

More to come...

Saturday, August 2, 2014

E-Cig Informant

E-Cig Informant

Cigarette / E-Cig / Vaporizer / Mech-Mod

You're *NOT* obligated to believe anything you have read here, although we do tell you that you *CAN* get all this information yourself with a little research, which you *SHOULD SERIOUSLY* do.  If something's missing, comment it, if something's debatable, comment on it, if you just absolutely disagree with anything or everything, comme... leave.
Just pulling your leg, comment it!!!

  The more coverage, the more media, the society sees of the topic, the more it seems to grow, like weeds in a poorly kept garden.  They're flourishing, growing, changing, and advancing faster than any other form of nicotine.  E-Cigs.

  Now many disagree, there are "E-Cigs" then there is your "Vaporizer" but you can't forget your "Mechanical Mods", then again, there are many other forms of categorizations.  But to keep this simple, we will call them ALL "E-Cigs."

  By now, we all should have done our research, and we all know of Herbert A. Gilbert who came out with the first Smokeless Non-Tobacco Cigarette on August 17, 1965.  YES, you read that right!!! 1965 with the Patent "US3200819".  Disposable E-Cigs in the shape of a cigarette hit the markets hard. They were easy to use, light to carry, and you didn't have to worry about that horrible smell or any messes.  No sooner did different flavors, rechargeable batteries, and cartridges in packs of 3 or more come out.  The horrible taste was well worth the fad and "safer" status. The "official" first marketed e-cig was in 2007 (In the United States), in 2013, Vaporizers (much like the one in the photo above) start becoming popular at a high rate. Growing fast, and spreading far, they had to be BETTER!!!  Along came rebuild-able tanks, different tips (mouth piece), variable voltage batteries, thousands of flavors, different colors, and many many more features and accessories. 2014 brought a HUGE jump when Mechanical Mods took their leap into the Vape-Age Boom.  Providing you opportunities to choose the style, watts, ohms, amps, wiring (wicks and cotton), batteries, tips, atomizers (comparable to tanks), airflow, and more.

  Now that the boring information is out of the way, lets take into consideration the hazards involved.  Place a battery in wrong, you could possibly loose your hand and face, no biggie.  Vape too much, that's ok, you'll only dehydrate your lungs.  What if you hit an E-Liquid with a nicotine level too high? Funny you should ask!  You could possible get sick, have a nose bleed, vomit, or even pass out (sound safe while driving?)  Press one button and you're good to go to experience all of this!  Ohhhh but wait, there's so much more! There are 3 elements you'll be happy to hear, THREE.  Propylene Glycol (PG), Vegetable Glycerin (VG), and Nicotine (Nic), these three "chemicals" are what makes up your "E-Liquid" that after being heated will turn into the vapor you inhale.  Eliminating 99% of the dangers you take in with just ONE single hit of a cigarette.  Yet many want to debate by saying they are NOT safer?

  Cigarettes, what MILLIONS of people smoke every day. The dispute? Are E-Cigs any safer? I guess that's for you to decide.  With one cigarette, just one, you ingest more than 600+ Chemicals, take the chance of fire, take the chance of a lighter exploding, take the chance of having throat surgery, taking the chance of cancer(s), taking the chance of death. No big deal, its worth it, its worth that crave right? Totally.

  Are E-Cigs Safe? Are they a healthy choice? Are they good? No, No, anddddddd, NO.  They are SAFER than cigarettes, they are a HEALTHIER choice over cigarettes, they are a BETTER choice when compared to cigarettes.  The dispute between the two is so close, yet so far.  Many who bash, criticize, and down the popular new form of nicotine latch onto the statement "they're not healthy to smoke!" all the while Cigarette Manufacturers are making BILLIONS and more doing the same thing while killing MILLIONS like a viral disease. Yet many are more worried attacking a better choice.  OH, but wait, the FDA hasn't been involved in this post yet!  Let me exacerbate on that.

  Currently the FDA CDER only regulates E-Cigs marketed for "therapeutic purposes." the FDA CTP regulates Cigarettes, Cigarette Tobacco, Roll-Your-Own Tobacco, and Smokeless Tobacco.  E-Cigs have *NOT* been fully studied, keeping consumers from knowing the potential risks, if other harmful chemicals are being inhaled, or whether there are any benefits associated with using these products.

  The FDA has submitted a "Combined Response" to three petitions (most recent in August 2010) submitted, bringing many common issues.  The response granted and denied the various requests made by four Non-Profit Public Health Organizations: The American Cancer Society Cancer Action Network, the American Lung Association, the Campaign for Tobacco-Free Kids, and the American Legacy Foundation.  The FDA issues a citizen petition response and a Notice of Findings related to OTC NRT products, which are currently approved, only as an aid to smoking cessations.  Why is any of this of ANY importance? Well, due to all the "FDA said this!" statements, I've decided to research their findings and statements.  The FDA has not, I repeat, has *NOT* made any official statements on whether E-Cigs are Healthy, Healthier, Safe, or Safer than Cigarettes.  So please stop even bringing them up in responses, it's bad for your statement in general, whether it's offence, defense, or neutral opinion. ***Please go read all of this yourself at***

  There's certainly one thing that has ALWAYS caught the eye of many.  What amount of damage has been caused?  Lets take on the Cigarette first...

  Each Year, an estimated 443,000 people die prematurely from smoking or exposure to secondhand smoke, and another 8.6 million live with a serious illness caused by smoking.  88 million nonsmoking Americans, including 54% of children aged 3-11 years, are exposed to second hand smoke.  Each year, primarily because of exposure to secondhand smoke, an estimated 3,000 nonsmoking Americans die of lung cancer, more than 46,000 die of heart disease, and about 150,000-300,000 children younger than 18 months have lower respiratory infections.  Coupled with this enormous health toll is significant economic burden of tobacco use-more than $96 BILLION ($96,000,000,000) a year in medical costs and another $97 BILLION a year from lost productivity. As quoted DIRECTLY from the CDC.  (CDC Page last updated: November 16, 2012).

  Fortunately, the CDC E-Cig has *NOT* officially reported as many deaths as cigarettes yearly.  however PCs have seen a significant increase in calls related to E-Cig Exposures.  Reaching 41.7% (Last updated in 2007). Given the rapid increase in e-cigarette-related exposures, of which 51.1% were among young children...

  60 milligrams of nicotine is enough to take the life of a 150 lbs. adult.  Now that that's said, take note that businesses typically do *NOT* sell any e-liquids, ready to vape, above 24 mg nicotine.  Yes, anyone can buy more and endanger themselves, and yes kids and pets can get a hold of it and it be a more than lethal dose.  But does that mean you would leave a bottle of bleach ready for your child or pet to drain? What about Rat Poison, would you leave it out for them to snack on?  Be a RESPONSIBLE adult and these issues won't be of any concern to you.  As the Huffington Post stated "the AAPCC reported 10,356 Exposures to highly concentrated packets of LAUNDRY DETERGENT in children 5 and under in 2013. The convenience of clean laundry is a bigger threat than  accidental exposure to the liquid nicotine in e-cigarettes."

  Please remember smoking ANYTHING is NOT safe.  Nicotine is an addictive chemical. If you need any assistance in dropping the habit, don't feel ashamed.  Call "1-800-QUIT-NOW" or visit for your free assistance.

This may get updated soon.

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