Saturday, August 23, 2014

Americas Police

     It's all the rage these days.  Social Media sites are becoming more and more flooded with videos of Police Brutality.  So lets break this down for a moment and discuss the subject at hand...

    When you claim to hate an entire race because of the action of some, it's called Racism.  When you hate a gender because of the action of some, it's called Sexism. When you hate someone because of their Religion, it's known as being Prejudice/Bias, same if you were to hate someone based off their Sexuality. There are many forms of hate.  It's also one of the best ways to bring in some of the highest ratings via Social Media.

     When you stand there and you scream "F**K THE POLICE!"  You're now no better than any of the other hateful people listed.  You're no better than a Racist.  You're no better than a Sexist.  You're no better than someone who is Prejudice/Bias.  Think about that.  You're hating an entire group, an entire label all based off of actions from others.  Would you want to walk the street every day hearing and seeing all this negativity about you and what you do, because someone with the same colored skin, career title, religious views, sexual preference, or anything else has acted in a way that's not acceptable?  No?  Then why should the men and women of the law have to deal with you doing that to them?

     Currently, the biggest subject with Police Brutality is White American Police Officers harming or killing Black American Citizens.  Why?  Ratings, rage, coverage, and so much more.  Now, has anyone noticed the SAME coverage for ALL other races?  What about Hispanics and the crime done against them through Police Brutality? What about Caucasian, Asian, or others?  Because it's ratings are LESS.

     Now, this blog is *NOT* about what some people have done under the title of Law Enforcement.  This blog is to point out that all while you are discriminating the Police, they are putting their lives on the line to protect yours.  When your family is in trouble, you call the Police.  When you've witnessed crime and someone is seriously hurt, you call the Police.  When there is a riot, and you're home is in the path of their destruction, guess who puts their lives on the line to save you, your property, and your FAMILY.  The POLICE.  Don't get it wrong, there are definitely some police who absolutely do *NOT* need to be on the force.  But it is impossible to filter every single corrupted mind out.

     So while you are acting out, rioting, hating, discriminating, and causing more problems than you're actually solving, please keep in mind, the Police are not the problem.  You are. 

     Instead of only fussing about the negative incidents, try taking a step back, and looking at the good in things.  Thank the ones who are good, who are doing what they can to make a difference.  The ones that are putting their lives on the line for all the right reasons.  They wake up every day ready to act any minute to save your life, doing all they can to ignore all your cruel comments because an Officer across the Country did something wrong.  We will *NEVER* be able to prevent crooked cops from existing, but we can be appreciative of the good guys. 

More to come...

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