Saturday, June 13, 2015

The Hashbrowninator!

***Breaking News!!!***
This just in!  A new terminator, dubbed "The Hashbrowninator" was seen just inside a local Waffle House in Western Kentucky!  The Hashbrowninator is known for visioucly demolishing the hashbrown supplies and stocks at many near by restaurants.  We have under cover photos taken by a young brave soul posing to be this new age terminators significant other!!!  His name will be kept out of publication for fear of her demands increasing towards her hashbrown addiction. 

Many titles have come about recently for the Hashbrowninator.
Some have named her, TaterNater (Dubbed by Brian)

Story below:

Here you can see the TaterNater being sceptical of the young lad and his cell phone.

Never the less, she MUST feed!

Something particular caught her eye!

Our hearts sank when we received this photo...  It was such a close call that we almost had to call our undercover home!

BUT, being a clever man, he played his cards very smoothly and saved himself.  Distracting her with a dashing smile and of course her kryptonite!!!

As soon as her head was turned and food was keeping her busy, he went back to work!  BRAVERY at its finest.

The battle became so fierce her words became slurred and uncontrollable.  A rare sight indeed.

As her hunger grew, so did his fear.  Worrying for the safety of not only himself, but for others as well, he did what any man would do in a dire situation.

Did he make the right choice?  Did he potentially make her hungers for more worse?  Did he save the lives of many?  The world may never know.

As his safety felt more sincere and moving towards the better.  His concerns remained the same.  A quick glance freshened his memory and his true reasons of being with the great Hashbrowninator!

We did request a sample of the sacred hashbrowns.  As he slyly reached for the taters, she attacked!  Well, not him, but awfully close!

Out of pure pleasure, she started flaunting her power in front of everyone.  Knowing its impossible and an inevitable loss if we try to stop her, she started antagonizing.

He had a few weak moments.  Moments anyone in his position would have had!  Where fear and anguish would overtake us.  When our fight or flight instincts kick in and its time for flight!

However, he did stay.  AND he managed to retrieve a sample of the great TaterNaters kryptonite!  To our disappointment, she caught on, or so it seemed.  she stole the sample back and devoured it!

Please do not continue any further.  This is a notice of a gruesome photograph of her in battle with the hashed potatoes...

Exciting news was received after the battle was won in favor of The Hashbrowninator!  Her energy was draining and the waves of sleepiness was sweeping over her ever so elegantly.

We received a final verification of our undercover's health.  He has managed to stay alive and well during everything and received no harm.

This is a moment in history!  A moment our child, our children's children will learn about in History.  A day we shall NEVER forget.

upon returning to the scene of the great battles.  We had noticed something rather strange, yet beautiful!

Our undercover returned home safely, returning with nothing more than a few bills missing from his wallet and a new outlook on life.

Thank you for reading!  We will post more as the info comes!


Thanks for reading!  haha, she had no idea what I was up to nor how many pictures I was actually taking any!  LOL!

The Hashbrowninator:  Michelle
The Undercover:  Tony

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