Wednesday, September 16, 2015

My View of Anonymous


Being just an Anon Activist, this is what I have personally concluded over many years.  Others may agree or disagree, which is perfectly fine.  Thanks.

Knowledge is Free,
We are Anonymous,
We are Legion,
We do not Forgive,
We do not Forget,
Expect Us!

If you're "Anonymous," doesn't it defeat the purpose speaking about it and posting publicly?
     If I was under my alias, yes.  But being the fact that I am proud of being someone who's helping, and when using an alias I'm anonymous.  No, it doesn't defeat it.  To inform and educate, to help and support, publicly, is perfectly fine.  But when taking actions, I do so anonymously as an Anon.  I never tell anyone what I have done, what I do, or what I have planned. Because THAT would then defeat the purpose of being an Anon.  I have done my fair share, and will continue to do more.  Just because I'm not doing it for the fame, doesn't mean it's not getting done.

Why did you decide to become Anonymous, or join them, what ever it is called?
Honestly, I'm unsure.  From the start, it had my interest.  The more Anonymous grew and evolved, the more connected I felt.  It was a sense of home, like my personal little religion.  I don't get to choose what Anonymous does all the time, but much like many religions, I simply have to have faith.  In a sense, it causes me to have an even bigger family and allows me to feel like a good person being connected to other good people too.  Mistakes will be made, poor choices will be made, it's normal, but again.  I just need faith.

What is Anonymous/Who is Anonymous?
     This definition has many variations, since there's not a set in stone answer. Anonymous is a collective of people like you and me, all the way from the "lowest" people on Earth to the "highest." Anonymous is an Idea. Based out of the movie "V for Vendetta" came the Guy Fawkes mask that's so famously known as the Anonymous Mask. The Mask is a symbol of unity and protection. Showing everyone we are all the same, all equal, all united, AS PEOPLE.

What does Anonymous support?
Everyone and everything, here's a small list:
+LBGT Rights and Equality
+Womens Rights and Equality
+Anti-Rape and Abuse
+All Lives do in fact Matter (Blacks, Whites, Police, ALL!!!)
+Everyone is Equal
+Suicide Prevention
+Anti-Riots and Violence
+Freedom and Rights
+and no so much more!

What is an OP?
OP stands for Operation. Which is much like a mission/goal in a sense.

Why is Anonymous not doing anything about about __whatever__?
     You must remember that Anonymous is only made of people trying to accomplish something. That means if you want something done about someone or something else, you should start an OP for it. Not ALL Anons agree with each other, and not all of us see the same things as importantly as the next. So if you're seeing something that needs to be taken care of, for the right reasons and for good causes, and no one is doing anything about it. Well, that means we need your help... Help us help you, and we will, someone will. We can't do everything without someone.

Why am I not being Answered?
     This is so frustrating! When you've asked a question, or wrote a huge message, maybe even went out of your way to contact someone and they just ignore you. I dislike it myself! But, again, we have to remember that Anonymous is still just people like you, me, and everyone else. Maybe they don't know the answer, or they forgot? Maybe they didn't have interest and didn't know what to say, or they're busy. There is no right answer here. You would have to be persistent and hope you don't irritate that person to the point that they remove all points of contact capabilities with you. Unfortunately.

My friend says he/she is Anonymous, how do I find out if he/she is telling the truth or not?
     If they say they are Anonymous, then they are. That's all it takes, is just stating it. It's not really anything that's major. There are no creeds, requirements, fee's, meetings, and so on. Just friends and family, really.

They say they're a Hacktivist, is it true?
     Well, I don't know many Hactivists that tell the world that they are indeed Activist Hackers. BUT, why try to prove them wrong? There's more important things to worry about than what someone calls themselves. If they are really a Hacktivist, maybe they're comfortable with saying it. If they're lying, no harm no foul. I surely wouldn't want to continue testing them until I was hacked... Would you?

How do I join?
     By simply stating you're Anonymous now. That's it, really.  Well, of course by also BEING Anonymous.  Personally, I wished everyone that claimed they were, would be more active and part of a constructive progress to better everything.

How many sections or branches of Anonymous are there?
     There are actually NO sections or branches of Anonymous. There are two types that people tend to go by to help others understand better. The two types are called Activists and Hacktivists (Activist Hacker). BUT, people can create smaller groups to help others locate them to join. For example, Kentucky Anonymous isn't really a smaller section of Anonymous at all. They are just located in Kentucky (United States of America) and helps other Kentucky Anon's find more information from what other Kentucky Anons are doing. Such as info to use, info on local Operations, or how to get a hold of others to inform them. Smaller sections can and will vary. But don't worry, you are who you want to be.

I want to start an Operation, but I don't know how, can you tell me?
     There is a section on AnonBoards that's a GREAT help for that!

How do I be anonymous?
     First and foremost, make sure you have some Aliases readily available.
Make sure you hide your identity at all times when speaking as an Anon.
Try to pay with unregistered giftcards, cash, prepaid cards, etc.
Check out BitCoin, its VERY helpful too.

Next PLEASE go to the thread created by -DF-
Click Link >> Anon Boards << Click Link

How do I make an Anonymous Alias?
Easy, just a few steps...
(For the Strongest Alias POSSIBLE)
-First make sure you're using a safe browser that won't store your information or pull any details. (TOR Bundle is best if you have it, if not, adjust your FireFox Settings.)
-Next make sure you have a strong non-logging VPN.
-Look into VM's
-Find an email provider that doesn't require a cell phone activation (unless you buy a cheap burner phone from a gas station and it requires no ID nor registration. Pay with CASH) create an Email with a fake name.
-Secure email completely with all of its Privacy and Security Settings.
-Change the first and last name to that email to something random (a different name).
-When using that email to create accounts on anything, make sure your Alias is on that account, and is different than the two names used in said email.
-What ever account you create, make sure it's security and privacy settings are set up too.
-NEVER EVER use ANY real info about yourself or anyone you know, even if it was someone you only met once.
-Never let your Alias and your real accounts/life interact or connect in any fashion, style, or way.
-NO ONE is to know your Alias or ANY details about it.
-Once done, review anything you could possibly adjust to become more secure and more Anonymous.
-Remember there is ALWAYS something you can do to become more anonymous and have a stronger Alias.
-If you keep track of anything, make sure your data is on an external drive/jump drive and it is encrypted!
-Now, the fun part.
-Create two or more Aliases!

The reason I personally suggest having a minimum of at least 3 Aliases is because you'll want one you can go public with, eventually. Or even if you just slip up and lose something, expose yourself, anything. It gives you better chance at recovering.

Are there other Hacktivists out there?
Yes, actually there are many. Not every Hacktivist is in Anonymous. There are variations of Hackers (White Hatters, Black Hatters, etc). You would need to search them up on the internet in order to get more info. I would suggest ;)

What is a VPN?
     A VPN is a Verified Private Network, much like TOR (The Onion Router), OpenVPN, AirVPN, Orbot, and so on. The list is endless. What a VPN does is mask you, while providing you with layers of protection with a set bit of encryption. The typical encryption runs at 256bits. When you access the internet, your data is sent to your ISP, then the internet, being collected by a web-server. What a VPN does is put your Data through it's encryption, then to your ISP, then to the Internet, where cover information may or may not be stored. Your VPN will provide a false IP so yours is not stored nor seen. No this is *NOT* a guarantee safety, and you WILL need to take extra care with your identity as always. Especially when accessing the Deep Web. BE SAFE!

What VPN should I use?
     There's actually a lot of speculation on that. Some say free are best, others prefer the comfort of knowing they're paying for their service so they expect better results. VPN's are based on User Preference. That being said, you can check out any VPN online, personally I prefer one that does NOT log and allows more than ONE device.

How do I get the Voice Changer Anonymous uses?
Click Here For Voice Changer
Select "Personal"
Select your "OS" then your "Language"
Then select "David"as the Download (David 8-kHz).

Can I make Anonymous videos?
Yes, of course you can, you're Anonymous!
Just remember to use an Alias...

Where's the OFFICIAL Anonymous page or website?
     There is NO official pages, websites, domains, locations, NOTHING.
Anonymous started back in 2003-2004 on 4Chan in the B Thread. Since then Anonymous Hacktivists have gradually strayed from there. But then again, they could be under an Alias.

How do I report someone in Anonymous?
You can't and you don't.  As for the collective, there is no one to report to being that there is no one ahead of you.

How many OP's has Anonymous performed?
     That's not exactly answerable, Anonymous is a Collective of many people, with many ideas. Operations have been performed that were Global, some stayed Local, so not all of them have been or even can be recorded and listed.

What is LOIC?
LOIC is the abbreviation for "Low Orbit Ion Cannon." LOIC is a tool used to test websites, however, it's used highly by many as a DDoS Software.

Who is in Anonymous?
     It is actually "who all claims Anonymous?" Or "who all calls themselves Anonymous?" But the answer would still be, anyone and everyone, literally. From the plumber down the street, to the Governor of an entire State (United States of America). Military, government, secret agencies, all countries, all genders, ages, sizes, everywhere.

ADD IN from "Tiff" from (06/22/2015)
As far as the anon society goes, what have they done to stop our government from overruling our democracy. As I see it we the people aren't really having our voices heard and instead having to put our faith in a party whom makes decisions for us. I don't feel like we are a democracy anymore our country is more of a dictatorship only we vote on one person to lead our country in return we still don't get what we want.
Example: gun owners such as myself are having stricter laws when guns aren't the problem, people are.

We can't fish without a license, collect rain water, etc when did nature become so strict? Yes I understand we've always had to have a fishing license but I see no point in it. Or a hunting license when there are certain seasons you can hunt in which is understandable.

Response: Please remember Anonymous is GLOBAL, not just within the United States. Each time someone requests help with something, or help in general, it will take time before the right Anons see it, or if the person even posted in the correct location. there is no leadership, no organization, the outreach has to be done by the one in WANT or in NEED. Anonymous is actually just every day people, much like ourselves. They/we have however defended your privacy on multiple occasions, protected peaceful protesters from unlawful charges from law enforcement and racists threatening their lives. They/we have prevented a man from being charged for hacking his own console, then revealing the hole to help Sony patch it. They/we have stopped bankers from stealing money from its consumers. Prevented laws from banning more of your rights. And much more. The best location to find more information on what has been done by Anonymous, would be here (( )). there is no REAL SOLID list with every single thing done. But a good chunk is readily available to read through. As for Anonymous affecting America, it's up to Americans themselves to make that happen. The more Americans that do something, the greater the change will be. 

To prevent a government from over ruling our Democracy is an easy question, with a near impossible answer. Since over ruling our democracy is something that takes time and small changes over a long period of time, it also takes twice as long with twice as much work to prevent it. Step by step, change by change, Anonymous is indeed trying to prevent it from happening. But again, more people will need to be involved to make a bigger impact.

I will update more as it comes about. If you have any questions, suggestions, changes, tips, complaints, or anything. Please don't hesitate to say so.

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