Saturday, November 14, 2015

Time to WAKE UP!!!

It's TIME to take a STAND against the CORRUPTION and IGNORANCE of our PEOPLE and GOVERNMENT!!!

You want to make a difference, here's how!
-Sign a Petition!
-Write a Letter to your Government!
-Write an Email to your Government!
-Call your Government!

I'm not saying don't post a status or change your pictures.  I'm just saying to do MORE than that.  Don't stick to useless things, but help make a difference for the better!

Our Government is stripping us of our rights, terrorist are killing the innocent, our economy is crashing, our planet is dying and falling apart.  Yet everyone wants to fight each other?!  WAKE THE FK UP!  Seriously, stop acting out and being blind.  It's ignorant, it's lack of education.

I don't blame our troops, I have too much respect for them. I blame their leaders who sent them blind into death traps.

I don't blame ALL the refugees for the actions of some neither. Bringing thousands more into this Country won't help them?  Our homeless vets, civs, and current people are dying already with no help.  How can we help thousands of refugees too?  Our economy can't support the people we have now, how can it support thousands of refugees?  Our Country is failing now, how will thousands of refugees fix that?  Not only that, but it DOES make it easier for Extremist/Radicals/Terrorist to enter our Country.  We can't actually help them when we can't actually help ourselves in the first place.  There is a massive difference!

Petitions to Sign!
Petition 1 (OPEN)
Petition 2 (CLOSED) - 101,925 Signatures

YouTube Video:
Youtube Video Link

It's literally that easy to sign!!!

Paris turned their lights off for respect, the world turned theirs on in Solidarity!

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