Saturday, March 19, 2016


The information being released by AnonymousLoyalty, TheAnonMessage, White Rose Society via GhostBin, PasteBin, Twitter, Vimeo, and Youtube toward Trump is mostly out dated. But there's much more to the story.

For those interested in the info released, here it is.

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First Video:
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Second Video:
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WhiteRose Society Vimeo:
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Another Video of AnonCourier asking other Anons to stop attacking Trump:
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Last Video:
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The Anons behind this "hack" had a plan far past their fake hacking.  All the information gathered here by the Hacktivists was indeed not actually taken via any forms of hacking.  Instead, it was gathered off the internet where it has been public for some time now.  Per ABC News, the Secret Service and the FBI are aiming to arrest the Hacktivists for hacking Trump.  Yet, no hacking was actually done, they jumped the gun off social media and mainstream news outlets.  RedCult informed many that info such as Trump's Social Security Number (released in 2013) has been public for years.

The Anons behind this wanted to prove that the Secret Service and that the FBI are quick to react, without any real information or investigating.  They did exactly that.

TheAnonymousMessage states they're going to drop something big on 04/01/2016.  Being Anonymous originally started for the lulz with trolling. I obviously already know this is yet another April Fools joke. I'm sure the media will twist it as best as they can though.

#OpWhiteRose #OpTrump

I have a ton more information and updates that I will apply later.

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