Sunday, July 10, 2016

Pokemon GO

The Fix:
--Go to Settings > Applications > Applications Manager.
--For Internet and Chrome > Force Close, Clear Data, Clear Cache.
--Go to Home Screen > Open Playstore > Settings > Build Version > Update if available.
--Go to Playstore > Settings > Clear Local Search History >
--Close all apps.
--Make sure Device OS is up to date.
--Turn on Location Services/GPS.
--Download Game
--Restart Device
--Wait until device is fully loaded
--Keeping your notifcation bar clear, all apps updated, nothing running in the background, nothing updating or downloading in the back ground, and so on. Only run the game by itself.  Wait for the Save/Load icon to show up before closing the game.

How to get Poke Coins?
-Stay at the Gym!  Whether you're the leader or defending!!!

Get Pokeballs:
-Level up level up level up!!!
-Poke Stops, visit them often.  Rumor is that you can visit them roughly 8 times or more a day if timed good.
-Stop competing and braging over friends, support them.  Work as a team, take gyms, get the Poke Coins, and buy more!!!

Level Up:
-Remember all those small time pokemon you caught a ton of and dont want so you just ransfer them?  Well, keep some too!!!  Evolve them once, then transfer. Its an automatic 500 exp each!
-Catch pokemon.
-Take gyms.
-and play the game!

-Make sure you're matching the proper elements and using the strongest pokemon (CP = Combat Power), to do the most damage.
-Swipe left and right to dodge, and tap rapidly on the enemy pokemon to attack.
-The little blue boxes at the top left of the screen are special attacks. Each time one fills up, press and hold on the enemy pokemon to use a powerful attack and deal extra damage.
-Dont worry, if the gym is taken your pokemon returns, just use potions to heal them.
-When attacking gyms, make sure you use potions to heal and revives to bring pokemon back to life during battles.
-Every time you attack a gym, you choose six pokemon to fight all those defending. Each attack lowers the gyms prestige. Once at zero, you can take the gym!
-Team work is where you win!
-Hold gyms for 21 hours and get 10 Poke Coins. Defending or being the leader, doesnt matter, as long as your pokemon is in the gym.  (10 pokemon in 10 gyms = 100 Poke Coins a day!!!)

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