Saturday, July 23, 2016

Controller Rejects

Controller Reject
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Controller Rejects started back in July of 2011 with just one person and an idea. On July 20th, Tony created a "Clan" for the Xbox 360 game "Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3." In less than two weeks, Chris joined in to help found and start the clan in the gaming world. From there, the clan moved to all games related to Call of Duty and Battlefield. Finally expanding to PS3, then to Android. Currently, Controller Rejects is gaming on Arcade, PC, Android, Apple, Xbox 360, Xbox 1, PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, and other consoles. Even involved in board games and local tournaments. Controller Rejects adapted and expanded to much more! Later on, the trolling came into play and "Controller Reject Trolls" was born! Moving towards helping the community, "Controller Rejects Plus" was created. Next came "Controller Rejects Girls," where models and amatuers would share their fan work for all to enjoy! The latest edition to
the Controller Rejects family would be "Controller Rejects Vape." Currently, there are a few hundred members, and a few highly active members enjoying the wonderful world of Controller Rejects.

CRo2 - Controller Rejects
CRo2xGirls - CRo2's Beloved Women
CRo2Vape - CRo2 Vape Life, Juice, etc
CRo2Trolls - On Blast Trolls through Controller Rejects
CRo2Plus - CRo2's community support and volunteers

~CRo2 Main Branch: #CRo2 #ControllerRejects
Controller Rejects Facebook
~Vape Branch: #CRo2Vape
CRo2 Vape Facebook
~Troll Branch: #CRo2Trolls
CRo2 Trolls Facebook
~Community Care Branch: #CRo2Plus
CRo2 PLUS Facebook
Controller Rejects Store
(Currently Closed)
~Instagram: @cro2_ig
Controller Rejects Instagram
(Currently Closed)
Controller Rejects

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