Wednesday, August 17, 2016


3200 Block of North 44th St.
Milwaukee, Wisconsin

August 13, 2016
Began around 3:30pm

Began as a routine traffic stop, Smith and one other fled on foot, two officers were in pursuit. Smith was shot, the second suspect is in police custody.

Who was shot?
Sylville Smith (Black American Male)

How old was Smith?

Where was he shot?
Once in the chest and once in the arm
Killing him.

Who shot Sylville Smith?
Black American Male (Milwaukee Police Officer)
Name's not released
6 years with MPD, last 3 years as an Officer

Who is the mayor?
Tom Barrett (White American Male) since 2004

Who is the Police Chief?
Police Chief Edward Flynn (White American Male) since January 7, 2008

Was Sylville Smith a criminal?
-Possession of a stolen firearm (loaded with 23 rounds) (During his last encounter with MPD)
-Possession of stolen ammunition (During his last encounter with MPD)
-Pleaded Guilty in 2014 for carrying a concealed weapon. Fined $443 and one day in jail. (Misdemeanor).
-Arrested in 2015 for intimidation of a witness, case dropped later that year by the prosecutor, no charges filed. Smith was accused of calling his girlfriend in jail to have her call a witness going against him in a shooting to scare the witness into writing a sworn affidavit that Smith was not involved in the shooting. The witness later recanted his identification of Smith, became uncooperative, and did not show up to court.
-Early 2015 Smith was charged with first-degree recklessly endangering safety (a felony), and a misdemeanor for possession of THC. Judge dropped the charges based on a motion of the defense. 
-Smith also had multiple records for traffic violations such as; speeding, operating a motor vehicle without insurance, operating a motor vehicle with a suspended license while having open intoxicants in the motor vehicle.
-In 2013 Smith was charged with retail theft, but the case was dropped by the prosecutor.
-Smith had been in trouble with the law dating back at least to 2011, according to arrest records released by the Milwaukee County Sheriff's Office late Sunday. He was arrested or ticketed nine times in that period — for the shooting, a robbery, carrying a concealed weapon, theft, possession of heroin and more. His most recent arrest was July 22 for possession of cocaine, records show. (Info gathered from multiple news outlets).
-All in all, the lengthy record of Smith is a play on words with media outlets.

After math?
Multiple burned businesses; including a gas station, liquor stores, banks, auto-parts store, and a hair salon, possible more. Multiple shots fired from 3 or more locations. 4 officers injured, 1 of which was rushed to the hospital for a head injury. White people attacked, bricks and bottles are being used as weapons, 1 police vehicle burned, multiple other vehicles burned, and riots. More and more coming up, but here's the just of it all so far.

While #BlackLivesMatter in Milwaukee claim they want equality, the end of racism, and no more oppression. They burn their own city to the ground, attack people simply because they're white, chant Black Power, and call for the death of police.

Sylville Smith is a son, a father, a brother, and more.  Whether or not he is a "gangbanger" or a "thug" is still up for discovery. Reports state Sylville Smith went to high school with the officer that shot him. Also, that Smith was a LEGAL CCW carrier since he was previously shot at twice, and robbed four times. Friends and Family of Smith state he was also a Cadet for multiple years.  Most accusations and details are still unsure and yet to have been proven.  The officer was wearing a live, recording, fully functioning body camera during the incident and the footage may become public after the investigations are over.

Car Fire

Car Fire and Tank Explosion 44th sound of Center St.

Hands up don't shoot walk
Burleigh and Fond du Lac

Milwaukee Rioters screaming Black Power and attacking people for being white.

Gun Shots

Neighborhood car fire

18 year old White American Male shot in neck

Black Lives RUINING Black Lives

More Black People Hunting Down White People, this is Black Power? This is BLM?

Sals Pizza Accident
 Unoccupied Police Vehicle
 Beauty Store Fire
 Burned Vehicle
O'Reilly Auto Parts Fire
 O'Reilly Auto Parts Fire
 O'Reilly Auto Parts Fire
BP Gas Station Fire
 BP Gas Station Fire
 BP Gas Station Fire
 BP Gas Station Fire

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